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10 Best Mobile Apps For Muggsy Bogues Dunk

Muggsy Bogues Heads To The NBA

In 1987 Muggsy Bogues entered the NBA draft was the 12th overall selection by the Washington Bullets. Being chosen 12th overall is rather an accomplishment thinking about there were a lot of other leading gamers in that specific draft. Muggsy just played for the Washington Bullets for one year.

Muggsy Bogues played 10 years with the Hornets and was one of the most popular gamers to ever play for them. Muggsy's career statistics for the Charlotte Hornets make him the profession leader in minutes played, steals and helps.

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Muggsy Bogues height of only 5 ′ 3 put him at a disadvantage against the big males that were in the NBA at the time. Muggsy understood how to be in the ideal location at the ideal time in order to get rebounds and make steals.

Surprisingly, when Muggsy bet the Washington Bullets the group not just had the shortest gamer to ever play in the NBA but they had the tallest player also. Manute Bol was Muggsy's colleague who stood at a ridiculous 7 foot 7 inches tall! Manute was not a very good gamer and once again the Bullets utilized him to sell tickets.

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As you can see in the picture we have, Muggsy played against the GOAT (in our simple viewpoint) Michael Jordan. We will simply presume that most of the time Muggsy Bogues was not the primary protector against him. Muggsy Bogues retired from basketball in 2000 and he finished with the Toronto Raptors. What is he up muggsy bogues dunk to now?

After basketball Muggsy Bogues operated in the realty service from 2001 to 2005. In 2005, he left property and started training basketball. Other than that, he is retired and enjoying his life in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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